Breast Enlargement Surgery Options

Dr Tom Robbins is a Breast Specialist & Leading Plastic Surgeon for Facial Rejuvenation, Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping) and Body Contouring Surgery

Breast enlargement surgery

Breast Enlargement Surgery Options

You now have several options for breast enlargement surgery. These include a variety of implant shapes and sizes, placement positions and incision locations as well as other choices.

You’ll get practical and easy to understand recommendations from Breast Specialist Dr Tom Robbins about which procedure choices will get you the best breast enlargement outcomes for your appearance desires & your body shape and existing breast tissue.

For more on breast augmentation or enlargement surgery procedures, follow the links below.

Body Contouring surgeries for a more complete post-pregnancy body reshaping may involve a combination of procedures including:


post-pregnancy tummy tuck

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Risks of Breast Enlargement Surgery: What’s right for you?Dr-Tom-Robbins-Plastic-Cosmetic-Reconstructive-Surgeon-SQ

Choosing whether or not a breast enhancement or augmentation surgery is right for you is a very personal decision.

Breast augmentation surgery, like all surgery, carries certain risks and complications. Dr Robbins and Your Nurse Advisors will take you through the risks and complications associated with your selected Breast enlargement procedure or implant type, to ensure you understand the potential risks. They are happy to answer any and all questions or concerns you may have about your procedure or outcome expectations.

After discussing the procedure and deciding to proceed, you’ll be asked to sign a Consent Form indicating you fully understand the procedure, the associated risks, and potential complications issues, before you undergo your Surgery.

Knowing your Surgeon is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon with decades of breast enlargement surgery experience should help put you at ease, as will knowing you’ll be operated on in a fully accredited Australian Hospital. Dr Robbins uses only highly experiences Anaesthetists and focuses on NO DRAIN (less pain) procedures.

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